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This script allows you to generate comps in After-Effects from a text file. It makes a repetitive and tedious task automatically.
- No More Copy and Pasting from Documents to After Effects, reducing considerably the mistakes in the process.
- Save time and avoid tedious repetitive tasks
- Same text file can be applied to different templates comps, and show multiple options to your clients.
- Work for Messages, Lower thirds, and many other situations.

Few Points to take into consideration at the time to use the script:
- You need to have or create a comp with six text layers named(1,2,3,4,5,6) those layers names are reserved for the text layers, you can have other layers inside the same comp but do not repeat the names.
- The opacity property of the text layers (1,2,3,4,5,6) should not have keyframes, that property is used to hide the empty text layers/empty lines.
- You can add a transform effect inside After Effects to animate the opacity.
- Use and Modify the (.TSV) files provided in the examples as need it.


30٫00$ Regular Price
21٫00$Sale Price
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